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How To Build A $1,000,000 Marketing Agency | Noah Griffiths | The Best In

Digital marketing. It’s all the rage. But you know what? It’s a tough nut to crack.

From providing services that exceed your competition, to managing your sales and lead generation. Obvious, I know. 

But often, people really do slack on this.

They make the website perfect, and the logo perfect, when the real metric of success, is cash flow.

So, what’s the blueprint? Well for me there’s no one better to ask, about how to build a $1,000,000 marketing agency, than Noah Griffiths…

How To Build A $1,000,000 Agency | Noah Griffiths | The Best In

Who is Noah Griffiths?

Noah Griffiths, is the golden guy for agency scaling. 

He kicked things off in entrepreneurship early on, and over the past 2.5 years, has been growing leaps and bounds, generating over £50m in client revenue.

“I have two businesses, NCG Marketing, which is a paid ads agency that runs ads for and scales e-commerce brands. 

And NCG Growth Partners, where we partner with similar agencies to help them scale to at least £100k/month within a 12 month partnership…

All of this has been achieved since September 2021 - so a relatively short period of time, but I'm sure the results speak for themselves - I was 16 when I started my marketing company.”

So, I partnered with Noah here today, to really crack the code of how to build a $1,000,000 agency.

Let’s show you the ropes.

Promise, then deliver | How To Build A $1,000,000 Agency | Noah Griffiths | The Best In

Promise. Then Deliver.

The truth is. Beating your competition may sound difficult, in principal. But you just have to realize, you have to be better.

Doesn’t matter if there’s 100 other businesses in a similar space.

Be the top 20%. You’ll get 80% of the clientele.

“When you’re first starting, focus on delivering GREAT results for your clients. 

Have 1-2 clients at first and make sure you get them amazing results. When you do this, put together really good case studies, record a video interview with the clients asking them about the results you got them, how working with you is like, all the good stuff. 

Once you’ve got 1-3 really good case studies, post about them and make sure prospects see them before your call (either through your content, landing page etc) and you’ll be surprised about how easy signing new clients will be from that point.”

Case Studies | How To Build A $1,000,000 Agency | Noah Griffiths | The Best In

Gain Attention With Case Studies

“Once you have case studies, focus on gaining attention. If you get enough eyes on your business… you will make money. 

I would recommend building content around your client results. 

As long as you’ve got a consistent lead flow, and calls are being booked in, you will close at least 10-20%.”

He is 100% right here.

There are only 3 main sections to getting an agency off of the ground.

  1. Offer - Sell something that people really want, in the first place.

  2. Outreach - Get yourself in front of the right people. Whatever you think is enough. Double it.

  3. Service delivery - Actually solve painful problems, seamlessly. The better you are, the better it gets.

Communication | How To Build A $1,000,000 Agency | Noah Griffiths | The Best In

Keep It Communicative

The worst thing you can do as an agency…? Go cold.

“Maintaining healthy communication with clients is key for retention: weekly calls for relevant updates, having them in a private slack channel for quick questions etc. 

Don’t stop talking to them as soon as you sign them as a client.”

That first 24-48 hours turnaround is paramount.

Speed is your greatest asset.

Manage Costs & Cash In Your Agency | How To Build A $1,000,000 Agency | Noah Griffiths | The Best In

Manage Cash & Costs: To Build A Marketing Agency Fast

Being cool with the money you earn, is what allows for the longevity. In my line of work, I only ever see signs of failure long term, when there is no organisation, or discipline.

“Learn how to manage cash flow. Don’t overspend or pre-emptively hire. 

Far too many people try to delegate before they need to.”

You are your best employee, to begin with. Only delegate when you know how to do it, perfectly.

Otherwise you’re asking for trouble.

Also, really great consistent employees are not cheap.

To get the best workforce, you need to have that steady cash flow.

Be Picky With Clients | How To Build A $1,000,000 Agency | Noah Griffiths | The Best In

My Personal Favorite: Be Picky

Repeat after me… An agency, is only as strong, as its clients.

“Only take on clients that you know you can get results for - saying yes to everyone who wants to work for you will only lead to unhappy clients and a very stressful life for you.”

This is something that took me way too long to learn.

Take on the clients, you know you can help. 

You’re not a charity. You’re a business.

Remember that, at the core of who you are.

Who Is Noah Griffiths | How To Build A $1,000,000 Agency | Noah Griffiths | The Best In

What Is Noah's Purpose?

“I’m a 19 year old business owner. I started my business when I was in college, doing a course in media that I wasn’t enjoying. I wanted to do my own thing, and didn't want to have a boss telling me what to do.”

This does always seem to be the story. And it’s interesting how many Gen Z are waking up to things like this.

“It took me 3 months of cold outreach to find my first paying client… from there, it was a slow but steady process of signing new clients and figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

The business got to a point where I decided to not go back for my second year in college, and to focus all of my time on scaling up my agency.”

Being in the business space so young, I wanted to know from him, how does he cope?

“I have a problem with overworking myself, but at the end of the day, life is work, isn’t it? 

My thoughts are that while I’m young I can work as much as possible and when I’m 25-30 I’ll be able to do what I want for the rest of my life - be that fully retire or take a step back from the day to day of running things. The point is, I’ll be able to do whatever I feel like doing.”

Having been on a similar path myself, I relate to this alot. And, at times, wondered if it was all worth it. I can’t say business has always been a passion, but a skill, nonetheless.

“I’m obsessed with being the best in everything I do, and I believe that is the reason I’ve been so successful at a young age. You have to do more than just ‘want it’.

A lot of people think this is quite shallow, but I do what I do for the money - plain and simple.”

I like his honesty here. And I wish more people would sometimes admit to this.

“Although I do enjoy building things: companies, systems, teams… my main driver is the ability to give my loved ones a good life - especially a family of my own in the future.”

Final Words From Me

Thank you very much Noah for appearing on Nexus Gecko! I’m excited to see, how you grow over the next few years!

If you want to grow in ecommerce, and you want the best man for the job! You can message him here.

If you’d like to appear on Nexus Gecko, and you have a story to tell, simply reach out here, for more details.


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