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The Second ROAR: What Is Alara’s Core

So here we are, roar two. Sorry round two.

For those who haven’t seen our last article, which you can click here to read, I spoke with Alara Vural a couple of weeks ago, to learn more about her coaching, and the way she works.

But I could tell there was more to the story and wanted to know what her core message was, and what her reasoning was for building what she has.

Article Written by Claudia Lee of NEXUS, with Alara Vural

You can also see NEXUS's mini-documentary on Alara here:

Brief Overview

Alara is a core message consultant, who helps you find your core message, i.e. what is it, that you truly want to express with your product, work, or concepts.

She’s the founder of the "Find Your Roar" program, we spoke about the importance of finding one's voice or roar.

Finding one's voice can mean different things to different people.

Where Did It Begin?

Alara started off in a career coaching role but realized her passion was in mindset work and understanding the goals that people have inside of them.

She believes that it is important to articulate drivers that are at play when people are at their best, and to help them make career decisions that align with those drivers.

She mentioned to me that she struggled in the career coaching industry because it overlapped with therapy, and she did not feel qualified to help people with certain issues.

“...with the career coaching it will it did overlap so much with the personal stuff, but even now, like I have a lot of clients that describe the work that they do with me, it's kind of like, it's like I'm going to therapy…”

This led her to accidentally find her current work in messaging when a tech founder approached her, asking for help in articulating his passion for credit system security in a way that spoke to people's emotions.

“They've worked on something amazing, but the problem is. they can't talk about it in a way that speaks to emotions.

So I kind of use a lot of the same tools that I used for career coaching in this kind of messaging world. So I kind of almost found messaging through the back door a little bit accidentally.”

Were You Always Business Savvy?

“So I never really saw myself going into business. I always thought I'd be that kind of yoga teacher like running some sort of project somewhere.”

She spoke with me, about how she cares less about absolutes and more about how her work moves and inspires people.

However, she also acknowledges that she had to overcome some personal blockages when it came to money and the business world. She explains how she used to have a belief that money was bad and that it was challenging for her to turn away potential clients who were not a good fit.

She had to rework her mindset and realize that money is not dirty, and sometimes, it's necessary to let go of certain clients to maintain the integrity of her work.

“It's interesting to kind of have to rework that and redo that kind of even boils down to the prices that you charge and being able to turn away people that maybe are not a good fit, because initially, that was terrifying for me because…, I can’t turn away money.”

I appreciated the candid comment, as it was something I’ve struggled with myself. I’ve had to deal with some very difficult clients, all because I couldn’t allow myself to feel I was in control.

This just goes to show that for her, the value of her work lies in the impact it has on people, which is a driving force for her, not money.

Was There a Shift?

“My family live in Turkey and it's kind of like my little safe haven.

It's just a mental break. The culture is different. It's so abundant and just fresh food and the weather's great. So I always kind of have it as a bit of a mental reset.

And I remember April last year 2022 I went back to Turkey and like just wasn't working, (was taking) a two-week break.

And on the way back I just felt this like the weight of on my chest of like, I think I even started crying in the airport.”

It's important to know when not to push yourself further with your work and instead slow down and change course.

Again, something I’m all too familiar with.

For me burnout always occurs when I’m not aligned with what I want. And, I’m acting under the idea of what I think I should do, not what I want to.

Knowing when to slow down and change course requires self-awareness and intelligence that can’t be taught.

For Alara, it was working for what she felt she was worth. Charging more, to relieve herself of the work.

“I think I spoke to someone in America who charges $45,000 for two workshops, and I was like, okay, that's my permission to charge a lot more.

And I changed my whole structure.”

Which Of These Do You Feel Is Most Important,

In Marketing?

  • Messaging

  • Targeting

  • Media

  • Product

What Does It Feel Like, Looking Back?

“It's so easy to lose track of the feeling that you wanted to create when you first started your business.

…it was this feeling of like freedom, this feeling of I can do whatever I can go in whatever direction I want and it's just me standing in the way and yeah, there's and once you kind of have some momentum…”

The process of personal growth and development can be challenging and uncomfortable at times.

But it’s important to understand the difference.

Stepping out of one's comfort zone is often necessary to achieve progress and positive change. However, there is a distinction to be made between the discomfort of growth and the negative effects of prolonged suffering.

Your hustle is not who you are you know?

It is important to recognize this difference.

This may mean taking a step back.

It may mean reevaluating what you actually want. Doesn’t matter.

It’s something everyone has to learn when developing what they want to do for a living.

When does living start?

“(For me) it was differentiating between … kind of being out of your comfort zone and kind of like growth, pain versus suffering.”

Final Thoughts

I asked Alara to sum up what her work means to her. What is it she’s fascinated by?

“For me, it's about really understanding the internal workings of people and as as a manifestation of the people, the company, and kind of bringing that to life.

I'm really interested in communication. I'm really interested in how, how is it that you can mean something so much and it and it landed something completely different to someone else."

Alara is a master communicator, that's clear to see but also she’s passionate about that too.

Theres plenty of people who utilise their skills. But not many do it with such intrigue.

Thank you again to Alara for catching up


If you’d like to know more about her group sessions and participation, connect with her by clicking here.


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