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The Rise Of Freelance Teams...

Ever wondered why giants like Apple, Google, and Slack have relied on external design talent and freelance design teams at various points in their journey?

Even now?

'Well... they have budget, don't they...' You might say. 'They can afford it!'

But what if I told you, even these companies do it to, preserve budget.

While the convenience of in-house teams can't be ignored, there's a hidden side to this story...

The Rise Of Freelance Teams...

The Myth of Constant Availability

It's a prevailing assumption: having an in-house team means they're always available.

Yet, when Slack was in its infancy, it leveraged the expertise of an external design agency to revamp its logo and branding. And, probably outsourced tons of other areas too, that we don't even know about.

Why? Internal teams often juggle numerous projects, leading to bottlenecks.

With agencies, like us for example, clients receive dedicated focus, ensuring timely deliveries.

The Hidden Costs Of In-House Teams

On the surface, an in-house team may seem cost-effective. But consider the hidden expenses: benefits, training, equipment, and office space.

Companies often spend an average of 1.25 to 1.4 times the base salary on top of an employee's annual compensation.

These hidden costs add up. Fast.

Freelance Teams Are Cheaper

Hiring a dedicated team, such as a team of freelancers, can be more cost-effective than an in-house team.

The Rise Of Freelance Teams...

Limited Pool of Creativity

In-house teams can sometimes get caught in a creativity rut.

Apple, known for its design prowess, still collaborated with external agency Chiat/Day for its iconic "1984" commercial. Outsourcing brings in a fresh perspective that revitalizes brand aesthetics.

Knowledge Silos

There's a danger in getting too insular. For instance, Google acquired Gecko Design to integrate outside design expertise into their products.

External agencies are continuously exposed to varied projects, ensuring they stay atop design innovations. Adaptiility, is your best asset, inregards to content.

The Inflexibility Factor

Scaling up or down can pose a challenge with internal teams.

Netflix, with its impressive in-house squad, still enlists hundreds of freelance designers yearly for its show and movie artwork.

External teams offer flexibility and scalability that often can't be matched internally.

The Rise Of Freelance Teams...

Bias and Lack of Objective Critique

Being deeply rooted in company culture might seem advantageous, but it can lead to bias, making it hard for internal teams to see potential pitfalls. An external view offers the fresh, objective perspective that you need.

While in-house has its merits, its limitations are becoming more evident.

Brands, from start-ups to Fortune 500s, are recognizing the dynamic, cost-effective, and innovative solutions external agencies bring to the table.

If you're aiming to be ahead of the curve while also being budget-wise, perhaps it's time to explore outside your in-house comfort zone.


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