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SEO Is A $1,000,000 Superpower In 2024 | Rami Somo | The Best In

What Is Different About SEO In 2024?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of making a website easier to find on search engines like Google.

It can involve improving and posting more website content as well as site structure to make it more attractive to search engines.

Is it over now AI is on the scene? Nope, not at all. SEO in 2024, is even more important now than ever. We're going to show you exactly how to do it...

Written by Claudia Lee | Founder of Nexus Gecko

SEO Is A $1,000,000 Superpower | Rami Somo | The Best In

Who Is Rami Somo?

Rami is an SEO expert and creator on LinkedIn who today will be helping to give the full rundown of SEO and how to scale your business by understanding it!

“I’ve been doing this for the last 5 years and acquired over 2 million organic visits for my client sites and mine.”

So let's crack on with it, shall we!

Rami Somo - SEO Expert | SEO Is A $1,000,000 Superpower | Rami Somo | The Best In

There are 5 Areas Of SEO?

Great SEO can be tackled from mainly, 5 different areas.

“Usually, people have issues with one or multiple of these, and that’s what keeps them from getting rankings. Sometimes just fixing the issues with one will just open the traffic floodgates.”

Often overwhelmed people don’t know where to start. So that’s why we’ve put this together for you. Here are the 5 key areas of SEO, you should know about today!

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is about your site being able to be found, and indexed by Google.

It’s probably the most complex topic within SEO, but the most common problems people face are pretty straightforward.

“The key areas to look for is to make sure your pages don’t have “no index” tags, that your robots.txt file is not preventing important parts of your site from being crawled.

Set canonical tags properly, especially for eCommerce sites, and avoid having duplicate pages on your site.”

The best thing to do is go to your website provider, whether it be Wix, WordPress, or even Shopify, and others alike, and check this within the settings.

If having issues you can find tutorials on YouTube or reach out to their customer support, and they should guide you through it!

It really is a must, to make sure this is fixed by the way. Often people don't realise how much money they're leaving on the table!

SEO Is A $1,000,000 Superpower | Rami Somo | The Best In

Can Good SEO, Make Me Money?

Of course it does! That’s what it’s for!

Listen to what Rami said here about a business he worked with in the software space.

“Last year I started working with a SaaS company, taking over their content production and SEO. 

After about 6 months of optimization and many content pieces published, we started getting great organic traction. 

We achieved 3000% growth in their organic channel, and are now focusing on boosting their conversion rate.”

3000% growth! Without a penny on ads, in a niche thats so expensive for advertising is crazy!

“Needless to say, our services so far are having a big positive ROI for them and will continue like this for months to come. Especially when they open their offer to new markets since the rankings are already there.”

How to find the best keywords for seo?

Keyword Research

What are keywords?

Keywords are exactly as they sound. They are words or phrases that people use when searching for information online. 

They are important for SEO because including these words in website content helps search engines understand what the site is about.

Like an identifier, really.

“Keyword research is about finding the right mix of competitive and easy to rank for keywords that have enough monthly volume.”

Should I try to rank for common or niche keywords, Rami?

Some keywords are searched for thousands or millions of times a month. Some simply a dozen. What should you chase?

“This is where many people fail by completely skipping this part of the process, going for too competitive searches, or finding only extra long-tail keywords that don’t get any traffic at all.”

The key? It's a bit of both.

You need to find a middle ground, somewhere between:

  • Large enough amount of searches so you don’t waste your time

  • Not too competitive, so you don’t waste your time

A good tool to use is SEMrush.

The best content quality for seo

Content Quality

What do I put on my website? It’s a common question. But what does Rami think?

“Quality content is a must-have nowadays for any serious SEO operation. AI can get you somewhere, but users can still sense the human touch.”

And we couldn’t agree more.

Here’s some research done by Neil Patel.

AI-written content can be completed almost 5 times faster than a human’s.

But performs no where near, as well.

“Write from creative angles, do primary research, include visual assets, and back your claims with facts and figures from reputable sources. 

But the most important thing? 

Don’t forget to position your offer as a solution to the problems your customers are facing.”

What I always say here at Nexus Gecko is to show people what you do for them, not just what you do.

nexus gecko - we build content for seo

On-Page Optimization

What is on-page optimization?

On-page optimization in SEO refers to all the measures that can be taken directly within a website to improve its position in search rankings. 

This includes optimizing the content and HTML source code of a page, such as using relevant keywords, ensuring high-quality and original content, improving meta tags and titles, and optimizing images and other media. 

It's all about making the website more user-friendly and relevant.

On Page Optimization - SEO Is A $1,000,000 Superpower | Rami Somo | The Best In

Sounds daunting, but in Rami’s own words.

“On-page optimization is not as complicated as people believe it is. You just need to put the keywords you are going for in the right places like the title.” 

Is it as simple as that in the long run…? No.

But it is not priority if you’re doing all the other things we discuss here, right.

“Am I oversimplifying it? Probably. 

But don’t worry about keyword density or LSI keywords. 

These are things that might give you a rankings nudge in low-competition searches, but ultimately if Google can understand what keyword your page should rank for, the thing that matters the most are off-page signals.”

Off Page Signals - SEO Is A $1,000,000 Superpower | Rami Somo | The Best In

Off-Page Signals

Off-page signals, or more commonly known as backlinks, are one of, if not the most important area of SEO.

And as a copywriting agency, I couldn’t agree more.

“Off-page signals are mostly backlinks. 

Links from other sites that point to yours. 

This is seen as a signal of authority and trustworthiness by Google and a reason to put your site higher in the search results.”

This is a gamechanger, and why we started to implement this into our content packages here at Nexus Gecko. It’s the main thing people often forget.

“There are many ways to get these, and mostly rely on networking or you contacting other webmasters to ask for them. 

Google says it’s against their TOS to pay for backlinks, but 90% of people do pay for them. 

The secret to not getting caught? Make them look as if they came to you organically.”

There are other ways too!

Simply adding links to your articles from social media posts or even cross-posting on other platforms, is also a really good approach.

Rami Somo - Nexus Gecko

Final Words From Rami

I wanted to know more about how Rami works, and what is his approach to clients.

“My main offer is not a monthly retainer. That’s a contrarian way of doing business in the SEO industry. I do offer monthly implementation services, but only on request. 

I think doing things this way allows me to be completely transparent with my clients, without the incentive misalignment that means fulfilling monthly asset quotas, where the average agency wants to minimize costs to get more profits.”

I really like this as we work in a similar way with Nexus Gecko. Things like content and SEO, is great when you can prep and plan everything in one go and take a damn good swing at it.

Most people go on and on, wanting an agency there full time, and the truth is, you have to mostly let it do the work for you.

“I want people to know that SEO can work for anyone and that bad experiences with agencies in the past should not limit them.”

Couldn’t put it better myself Rami!

Final Words From Me

Thank you very much Rami for appearing on Nexus Gecko! So nice to learn from someone in a similar space to myself!

We asked Rami, what are your 3 favourite creators, that others should checkout on LinkedIn and this is who he recommends:

So go check them out!

If you want to grow via SEO, I can’t recommend Rami enough!

You can message him here or also go to

If you’d like to appear on Nexus Gecko, and you have a story to tell, simply email for more details.


What is Nexus Gecko?

Nexus Gecko is a content agency, founded by Claudia Lee. We are a concise team of writers, SEO specialists and graphic designers who build content systems for companies all over the world.

If you would like to know more about having an entire year of content build and planned for you, in just 30 days, you can reach out to us here, or via

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