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How To Write, Perfectly: Article Writing 101

Crafting content that clicks with your audience, takes preparation. Answer your readers questions... clearly and coherently.

Our way of writing content, is an alchemy, essentially, of funneling. Opening with interest, and then leading all the way down, to authority, relevance and action.

So here's our way of remembering what to write, how to write it, and how to make content that hits home.

Written by Claudia Lee | Founder of Nexus Gecko

The Perfect Content Recipe - How To Write To Get Millions Of Readers

One Way To Remember... Ramen?

Stay with me here...

When I first began bringing writers on at Nexus Gecko, I needed a way to teach my team what I knew.

How would I share with them what works, in a way that's easy to remember...?

Then I came up with, what I'm about to teach you now. So get ready to screenshot and bookmark this page, cause this is the holy grail of writing long form content.

How to be relevant, when writing online content


Your content must be relevant to your audience's palate. It should cater to their current needs and interests.

It must cater to them, not you. However much you want to write about things, is irrelevant.

Remember this, 'you must create content for you market, not find a market for your content.'

How to be correct and accurate, when writing online content


Hit the bullseye. Don't dabble, don't dawdle, don't drift.

Answer what needs to be answered. Simple as that. You need to maintain factual correctness and reliability.

Drift and not stay on topic, you basically send the attention of your reader south. Not only this important for the actual post readability, but more so, the returnability of that reader.

How to provide meaning, when writing online content


Don't be afraid to put your spin on things. Your content needs to have depth and substance to make an impact.

You can have your say, state opinions and look at the bigger picture. Provide meaningful insights that leave your audience satisfied.

The backbone of your work, is the real intention the reader is there, trying to learn from you.

What's driving their intrigue, as well as your authority in answering it?

How to get good engagement on your articles


Interactivity is on the rise in website content. The more AI will come on the scene the more content will shift, to suit the reader more and more.

What you can do in the meantime, is add videos, images, polls and quizzes, to gain further retention.

Also, make it shareable. Make it worthwhile for someone to send it to someone else.

How to be new and interesting, when writing online content


Stand out and provide a unique perspective.

What can you teach that no one else is?

How can you reteach what someone else has already taught, but even better?

How can I build my own familiar style and brand?

The best way to write articles, is to think of RAMEN

So... Think Of Ramen!

Offer something new and original.

Learn the basics, build the foundations then make it yours. We show you in the link below, how to get millions of eyes on your work!

Here's our top tips! Just click the image below.

How to be a hotshot, when writing articles.


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