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How To Scale Your LinkedIn In 2024

LinkedIn is still, the most powerful business networking app in the world.

But in my eyes, so many just don't know how to use it.

3 months ago, I realised I'd spent so much time on my client's I'd neglected my own.

I did a lot of testing and alot of posting, and on my 90-day journey of revitalizing my LinkedIn, I saw some surprising results.

Here's how to scale your LinkedIn in 2024.

Written by Claudia Lee | Founder of Nexus Gecko

How To Scale Your LinkedIn In 2024

The Power of Polls: On LinkedIn In 2024

Polls, often overlooked, are in fact LinkedIn goldmines.

I found that polls garnered an average of 7 to 8 times more impressions than even my image posts, that had higher engagement. This was a game-changer.

Polls work so well, because they allow for a different kind of interaction, compared to just likes and comments.

How To Scale Your LinkedIn In 2024

What kind of questions do I ask?

Either very niche and specific questions like, "what's the main issues you face with your content?", and also things broad, to do with your niche too. Like "How many hours do you work a day?"

Also, encourage extra comments in the comment sections.

So for the "How many hours do you work a day?" question, you'd also ask, what time do you wake up, or have breakfast, or start work etc.

The Magic of Alt-Text and Gifs

Alt-text is paramount.

Often people know how to use it for images. But with gifs it's 10X more powerful. Gifs are superior to images in many ways, as the motion of a gif, is more eye catching.

It is more likely to stop people scrolling, and more likely to add humor or show emotion, better than a static image.

So here's how you upload gifs to your LinkedIn post.

  1. Go to

  2. Find a gif you like.

  3. Right-click, and save the image to your computer.

  4. You simply add them into a post, like any normal image.

  5. Add alt text to explain the gif, especially if recognisably character, as well as your own audience-based keywords. In my case, content, marketing and copywriting.

If using a character like 'Elmo' make sure to put that keyword, in the gif alt-text. Also relate it back to your post, so if the post is about copywriting, be sure to explain that in the gif too.

How To Scale Your LinkedIn In 2024

Engagement Over Posting

Engagement is more important than posting. Here's why.

Here's my LinkedIn stats, from my personal account.

That boom you see mid-December, was me engaging on a controversial post. 

It brought more traffic to my page and began to boost my other posts' impressions, I'd put out, over the days before.

I firmly believe LinkedIn doesn't just track your time on the app.

But what sort of 'shift' you're putting in.

The more active you are, not in posting but liking and commenting etc, the more it pushes you.

At the end of the day it's a social media app. Not a magazine. It's not just about input, but your own personal output as a audience member of the platform.

So What Do I Engage With?

Find 10 creators you really like, that have over 1-2k followers. And put their notifications on.

Over 20k and you'll get lost in the comments. Under 1-2k followers, and their impressions won't help you scale.

Then go through your linkedin, say 3-4 times a day, on your daily breaks, and comment under their posts.

Don't be bland, and don't be a bot. Be insightful and funny.

Funny is key here. Make people chuckle, it really does help.

Get clients on autopilot - How To Scale Your LinkedIn In 2024 - Nexus Gecko

How Do I Track My LinkedIn & What Do I Look For?

To see your LinkedIn impressions, engagement and audience, go to...:

  1. Click 'Post Impressions.'

  2. You can also see where it says 'Impressions ⬇️,' and instead click 'Engagement ⬇️'. Then you can look at other metrics

  3. You can also track you follower increases, and keep an eye on what's working to get you followers, and not just connections.

  4. You can also look at the posts that got your audience responding the most. Study those, and write more about those things. Even if they're controversial.

Take a look at this chart below...

The green is, 'great growth and this is going to be awesome'. The blue is, 'it's steady and no signs of trouble'. Red... well... completely self explanatory.

Growing Your LinkedIn - How To Scale Your LinkedIn In 2024 - Nexus Gecko

Blue and green are both signs of consistent posting.

Blue may just be a colder account, less of an audience for LinkedIn to get data from, and just may take some time.

Green is great, as at the end there, you can see even the drops in numbers are still higher each time. It shows scalability, and reach increasing over time, all the signs of a promising account future.

What is the issue with red?

Posting consistently with poor ability to communicate message consistently also.

You get one good post, and LinkedIn pushes it, to your audience. You however don't continue to perform well, it drops your reach massively and before you know it, you're getting nowhere.

So How Long Do I Wait?

Content growth, is compounding. You look for steady growth over time, not rapid results in 20 minutes.

It's not cold outreach. It's not simply input and immediate output.


...the quality of prospect, the brand it builds, and the networking it leads too, is far superior in the long run.

The key is the perfect blend of both, and in a time where everyone promotes, personal brand, how do you scale your professional brand.

Here's an article I wrote recently, about how to find your audience with long form content.

Takes 5 minutes to read. Plus, it shows you how to write content, that can make you 6 if not 7 figures in revenue, just by understanding some key content factors.

Simply click the image below.

How To Scale Your LinkedIn In 2024 - Nexus Gecko

What Do We Do?

Also, if you're looking to scale up your LinkedIn game or need a professional to help you grow your business, reach out here.

Nexus Gecko is a concise team, and here at our content agency, we build out an entire year of content in just 30 days. We also schedule it all for you, so you don't have to do a thing.

We scale your brand, and increase its revenue on autopilot. Book a call, we'd love to show you what we can do.

Catch you later.

How To Scale Your LinkedIn In 2024 - Nexus Gecko


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