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🍎 Finding Your Core Narrative: Alara Vural

Today, you’ll be hearing about the wonderful, Alara Vural.

She’s a coach, who helps consultants and tech companies find their core message. Helping them translate the amazingness of their solution into a clear, emotive and memorable narrative that they can use in all their communication.

Finding your core narrative is about articulating your vision, your unique value, your differentiator, as well as your audience’s underlying emotional need, and pulling them together, in your audience’s language, to create an engaging story. This story becomes the blueprint for how you communicate what you do, in all scenarios.

When you create your core narrative, you’re able to powerfully get across just how valuable your solution is, every time, without confusion, in a way that captures your unique perspective and feels true to you.

She enlightened me about the importance of finding your core message first, before investing in copywriters, designers or paid leads. After all, you need to know the heart of what you’re saying before you start finding pretty ways to say it!

The article was written by Claudia Lee, Founder and CEO of NEXUS. Speaking with Alara Vural.

The Bustle Of Business

Starting a business can be daunting, and it can be especially challenging if you don't understand what drives you and your core message. It helps to have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve.

This is where Alara, comes in.

Not only is it about what drives you, but how you articulate why your business or your skills, are unique, as well as what value they can bring to others.

It's the make or break, between getting the attention you need and want.

Alara has been helping Tech CEOs, as well as consultants, since 2019.

What sets her apart from others is her tried and tested method. "The Find your ROAR Method" is intuitive, empowering, and data-driven.

The ROAR Itself

Vural's method is not just another messaging strategy.

It's a unique approach that helps clients understand how conclusions were reached, which can be easily repeated or tweaked as their business evolves. This approach allows clients to develop a messaging strategy that is in alignment with their unique strengths and business objectives.

What's more, Vural's coaching philosophy goes above and beyond, and I was truly impressed with what she was discussing with me.

Owning a business is a personal development journey disguised as a business. And I love this statement.

Having your own business forces you to work towards being the best version of yourself and as a result, she helps her clients do this exact thing. She said:

"Is the way I'm showing up for my clients in alignment with my unique strengths or do I need to tweak?"

This is an excellent question to ask yourself if you're working with clients.

By regularly checking in with yourself, you can identify areas where you may need to make tweaks or adjustments. For example, you may realize that you're spending too much time on tasks that don't leverage your strengths, or that you need to communicate more clearly with clients about your services and offerings.

Additionally, by focusing on your unique strengths and talents, you can differentiate yourself from competitors and provide a unique value proposition to your clients.

In my opinion the more you self reflect, the more you can see within the person your trying to help.

The Core Of The ROAR

She continued, going on to explain “the impactful message formula”. which relies on three pillars: Clarity, Emotion, and Story.

Clarity is the first pillar and is essential to getting your unique value across without rambling. It involves being clear about how you’re different from your competitors and communicating in the audience’s language, free of jargon and buzzwords. Alara emphasizes the importance of creating a message that’s easy to understand, even for those who aren't familiar with your industry.

The second pillar is emotion. She helps her clients demonstrate empathy and understanding of their audience’s emotional needs and subconscious pain. By doing so, they can establish trust and authority, and present themselves as more than just a commodity. The goal is to create a message that connects with people on a deeper level, leaving a lasting impression.

Story is the third pillar, and Alara stresses the importance of making your story about the customer, not yourself. By doing so, you can create an engaging flow that leads to an obvious call-to-action (CTA). This makes it easy for your audience to understand what you’re offering and how they can benefit from it.

How Alara Begins With Her Clients

“Find your ROAR” Core Messaging Program has four stages, each designed to help her clients create a message that’s impossible to misunderstand, irresistible to act on, and effortless to remember.

The first stage is the Client Interviews & a “Why Discovery Session”, where Alara helps her clients articulate the underlying emotion that their clients feel like they’re buying from them.

The second stage is Core Message Untangling, where she uses her signature process to separate her client's "messy" message into each of its chapters to create their Core Message Map. This is a central blueprint for how to talk about each aspect of their business.

The third stage is Strategic Narrative, where she finds the most impactful order to deliver her client's chapters in. This becomes their core narrative, which they can now use in every single scenario they communicate what they do, including website, sales decks, investor pitch decks, marketing content, as well as keynotes and books.

Finally, the fourth stage is Message Testing. Alara offers the option of testing how her client's message lands with their target demographic using message testing tools.

The Benefits, For Both Alara and Clients

And, the results speak for themselves.

With clients experiencing increased inbound leads, faster sales cycles, successful pivots and launches, and a whole lot less effort in communicating what they do, it’s clear Alara is doing something, very right here with her work.

I asked her what her favourite elements of her work is.

She explained when a client first sees their strategic narrative, realizing that they can finally express their groundbreaking contribution to the world.

It's a moment of hope, recognition, and playing on a different level. And for her, the satisfaction comes from taking a messy, complex, dry message and untangling it into something that people love and can remember. But it's not just the message that improves, as the entire team gets aligned and inspired around a central narrative, improving the company culture.

Alara’s Top Tips For Tech

I asked Alara, “what is your advice, to new and aspiring tech companies?”

She followed, “first… prioritize your messaging. Without an impactful message, all of your other initiatives you run to get buy-in (like ads, networking events, social media, sales calls, investor pitches) are going to be four times less effective.

Then - Get real with yourself about how effective your message is currently.”

She very kindly provided the images seen below, for you as a free resource. I highly recommend downloading the PDF “The Art of Cutting Through the Noise” too, at

You’ll find 5 key questions to ask yourself that will form your foundation to make strong messaging decisions.

Final Thoughts

I felt I knew a lot about copy, messaging and finding your voice, but to my delight, Alara schooled me (in a nice way), and I feel far more confident going forward.

I highly recommend following Alara and if you are looking for someone to work with and help provide you with your core message and discover yourself further, well, here’s how you can find her.

You can follow Alara on LinkedIn -

And join her newsletter here -

Alara’s about to launch a new way of working with her, so keep your eyes peeled over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, her 1-1 work is still open.

Quick thank you from me to Alara, and all the best for the coming weeks.


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