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Find Your Customers: With Long-Form Content

People put way too much pressure on themselves when writing. They become robotic, confusing and flat out boring.

Creating long-form content that resonates and reaches the right audience isn't like hitting a bullseye. You think it is but it's not.

Look at it this way, to try and write 50 articles, and expect all of them to be loved equally by search engines, is silly.

The truth is, you don't have to be 'on it'.

You don't have to be first. Just better.

So, here's an insider of how we do it, so you can implement it for yourself.

Written by Claudia Lee | Founder of Nexus Gecko

Find Your Customers: With Long-Form Content -- dart in a dartboard

Understanding Long-Form Content

Picture 100 dart boards. And you're going to throw 100 darts. All you want to do is hit the bullseye...

The odds of hitting every time, is impossible. Content operates in a similar way.

First you need to understand the difference between intent based content, and event based content.

Intent vs Event

There is intent content, i.e things people are searching for the answer to.

And there is event content, i.e things that happen, and then are written about. Gossip and buzz stuff, that sort of thing.

If you are a business. You really don't need to be writing about event content. That's not what gets you clients. It gets you readers. Focus on intent.

Why is that perfect for you?

Cause intent content, is researchable. And, predictable.

Find Your Customers: With Long-Form Content -- chart of google search terms

Google Trends

Look at the image above. These are some real estate search terms, and how their popularity fluctuates over the past 12 months.

You can clearly see what is more searched for, vs what is less searched for.

You can also see, even though the green (old vs new property) search trend is less, it's less variable. There's no a lot of people searching for it, compared to others. However, there are consistently people searching for this.

So, with this information what can we understand?

Don't Picture A Dartboard: Picture A Funnel

Instead of trying to hit the perfect spot on your dartboard...

Hit anywhere.

Be broad. Don't try to be broken record and get the same point on there, every single time. Don't picture it as something where you have to get it right first time.

Build and plan your content, to tackle many different areas, of what you do, or what you sell. Provide value and answer key questions.

Your Filtering. Not Grabbing.

You do not, I repeat, do not, have to get everyone. Not everyone who reads your work is a client in the making.

Not everyone needs your work. Not everyone wants it. And, not everyone deserves it.

Make content that informs, educates and intrigues. And, filter people's attention. When we grow our client's online platforms, there are 4 key areas we focus on when writing.

Find Your Customers: With Long-Form Content -- 4 key pillars of long form content

The key is to build resonance with the audience. If people are searching for the answer for a question, it's not just the answer you need to provide.

But an experience that makes them want to read more, learn more, or see more from you.

Why? Because you did it so well.

These are the 4 main areas I find are so key to understand.

Find Your Customers: With Long-Form Content -- what are the important areas of long form content

Why These Areas?

Here's in depth, why these 4 ares are so key to understand within your writing.


Do not try to write so niche and specific, no one will find it. And do not write about only buzz subjects. Think about it...

Write a new thing everyday you can't prepare for and try to stay on top? Or, write about something you know people ask about often, and will continue to, for long to come.

Be a net, not the person running with it.

Evergreen content remains relevant and useful over time, providing consistent value to new and returning audiences and establishing a solid foundation for long-term engagement.


Authority content means you are the expert and you are credible.

People listen to you, when they believe you are above them, not below. Sounds harsh I know, but it's true.

You have to be someone who demands to be listened to, within your work. If you have knowledge to share, you have to have the mindset, "I'm doing a disservice to others if I don't get this point across."

It makes you more reliable, and more likely for people to return.


Motivational content connects emotionally with the audience. People actually only take action on anything for 2 reasons, mainly:

  1. They believe doing the thing will help them.

  2. They care deeply about it, or missing out on it.

Tackle both, by motivating, inspiring or 'cheering on' the reader, you will add more momentum, to their line of work too.

The more you help, the more people will come to you. Same as the authority thing.

Solving problems, allows for further connections.


And, for the love of God, tickle their funny bone every now and then.

You haven't got to be a comedian, but throw some pattern interrupts in there, funny images or meme's or something memorable.

Something is more memorable if it is strongly liked or disliked.

Make sure your work is the first one, or you're screwed.

Find Your Customers: With Long-Form Content -- funnel your audience

Keep It Real

Through it all, remember to keep it human.

You're talking to people, not stats and the more AI begins to come on the scene, you still have a lot of space, to keep things with a very human touch.

Make your content something they'd want to share with a friend, not just a colleague, the best you can.

And always, always keep it simple. No jargon, no fluff – just you, your voice, and your message, clear as day.

If you want to know more about writing, you can see our other posts.

Or if you would like an entire year of content, made for you, in just 30 days, reach out to us here.


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